Executive Committee Meeting 1/2020 Date: January 18, 2020

Institute of Conflict, Law & Development Studies (ICLDS)

Minutes of the Meeting of Executive Committee

Executive Committee Meeting   1/2020

Date: January 18, 2020

An Executive Committee Meeting of ICLDS took place at the Conference Room of ICLDS on January 18, 2020. Chairman of ICLDS, Ambassador Muhammad Zamir (Retd.) Chaired the meeting. The following Members of the Executive Committee were present:


1.    Vice – Chairman of ICLDS, Professor Abdul Mannan,

2.    Major General Abdur Rashid (Executive Director),

3.    Director Mr. Shyamol Dutta and

4.    Advisor Mr. Mozammel Babu were present in that meeting.



Statement of Dignities


Chairman of the Executive Committee of ICLDS, Ambassador Muhammad Zamir (Retd.) welcomed other Members of the Executive Committee for attending the meeting.

Minutes of the Meeting:


Agenda Point:

The major agendas of the meeting were:


·      Welcoming High Officials from those who came to visit.

·      Discussing various aspect of ICLDS and future plan with them

Answering various questions asked by them.


Discussion and Decision:


·      Vibrant the EC: It was discussed that there could some new director/advisors be brought in the Executive Committee for advancement of ICLDS.

·      Include some new directors in terms of various aspect of ICLDS.



It was addressed that, in the next meeting, further discussion will take place upon these issues.


Conclusion Statement:


In Conclusion Honorable Executive Director Major General Abdur Rashid (Retd.) Sir thanked other Members of the Executive Committee for coming and joining. It is decided that soon there will be some more meeting.                                                                   


Approved By





Major General Abdur Rashid (Retd.), psc, G

Executive Director

Institute of Conflict Law & Development Studies


Prepared by Redwan

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