July 8, 2017: Round-table Dialogue on ‘Political Process & Inclusive Election’.

April 1, 2017: Round-table Dialogue on ‘Bangladesh-India Relation: Achievements & Prospects’.
31 October, 2016: Dialogue on ‘BRICS & BIMSTEC Outreach Summit: Security & Development in Regional Calculus’.
30 July, 2016: Round-table Dialogue on ‘Roots of Terrorism and Rootout Strategy’.
23 April, 2016.: Dialogue on ‘Cyber Security: Global Trends & Cooperation’.
April 16, 2016: Dialogue on ‘Building Sustainable Cooperation Between Bangladesh & European Union’.
13 February, 2016: Dialogue on ‘Constructive Engagement in Bilateral Relations: Bangladesh-Korea’.
27 February, 2016: Round-table dialogue on ‘Foreign Patrons Behind Radicalization in Bangladesh’
20 June, 2015: Round-table dialogue on ‘Bangladesh-India Relationship: Now & Beyond’.
25 April, 2015: Round-table dialogue on ‘Democracy Upheld By Defeating Terrorism: Reaffirming Rule of Law’.
25 April, 2015: Round-table Dialogue on ‘Dialogue Against Terrorism’.
24 May, 2015: Round-table Dialogue on ‘The Rule of Law, Role of Law Enforcement Agency and Recent Thoughts’.
3 May, 2014: Round-table Dialogue on ‘Indian Election 2014: Bangladesh-India Relationship’.
22 February, 2014: Round-table Dialogue on ‘Threat of Terrorism and Bangladesh’.

The organization has also carried out in-depth research and survey to understand security trends and implications that have been disseminated in  over 100 + op-eds and 300+ television talk show commentaries by the Directors. We have also launched a website and social media pages for interactive communication with a global audience.

Priority Areas:ICLDS is working on a number of important projects, including Conflict and Terror Portal, Bilateral Partnership Dialogue with Bangladesh and Neighbours and Culture of Lawfulness Projects to be launched in the coming months.

Opportunities: In the coming months, ICLDS will be seeking expressions-of-interest for affiliation with the organization, including Research Fellows, Reseafch Associate, Research Assistant and Intern. If you are interested, please contact the Executive Director’s Office or Research Director for further information.

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