1. To advance national, regional and global security by providing strategic insights and practical policy solutions to national, regional and global decision makers;

2. To study, survey and research on the effectiveness of the existing law and help policy makers and law enforcing agencies to understand the deficit and mend of the law;

3. To organize conferences, seminars, interactions, symposiums, workshops, open foundation discussions, educational programs and meetings in Bangladesh and abroad on the above issues in order to advance and encourage peaceful co-existence of all people;

4. To publish project papers and reports, periodical, magazines, brochures, newsletters, leaflets, booklets and video and digital quality programs to create awareness on the issues outlined in the foregoing paragraphs;

5. To de-radicalizing the radical and potentially radical elements amongst the society by propagating the true spirit of religion as part of counter terrorism effort with a view to assist concerned authority;

6.    To establish a network among the madrasah and other religious institutions for the purpose of creation awareness about the harmful effects of radicalism to society and seek co-operation to prevent its growth and counter its ill effects wherever it exists;

7. To create social awareness against terrorism and extremism in the name of religion.

8. To create social awareness against drugs and substance abuse, gun running, human trafficking, child abuse and other menace;

9. To plan, organize and execute projects to support all kinds of victims of social menace and run victim support centre in order to help victims to be rehabilitated in the society;

10. To plan, organize and execute projects to help, women empowerment, develop self reliance in disadvantageous groups of the society.

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